Wednesday, February 22, 2006



What a week. Things move way too fast. I'm knee deep in several projects - each one with its own priorities. But progress is being made. There are many support systems in place to help keep things moving - the computer is one. I'm amazed how some people have not allowed the computer to be a resource for them. I think it may be intentional - an excuse to do things slower.

I have two projects starting this week, each project needs job kits, permits, finalized subcontractor pricing, documentation with the owner/client. Kicking off jobs is always the most exciting part of the job. Wrapping them up is always more stressful, more rushed.

I'll try to keep up with things and fill you in with other news. Like the fact that the Calibre Awards are coming up. Not a usual point of excitement around the office - but I always find it interesting to see what nice, fun stuff has gone on around town during the last year or so.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This is Rough

Sometimes this is all we have to work from. Can I take this to the building department for a permit? Can I send this to the trade vendors for pricing? You have heard of building off a cocktail napkin? This is not too far from it.

When you don't pull a permit in Beverly Hills, the building department can pull your business license for 12 months and the police can detain the person in charge of the construction (usually the project superintendent). Needless to say, we make it a point to prioritize the permit there.

Things are busy this week. There are proposals due, meetings (every day this week), and major Q & A on the current bids. Communication is everything during bid time.

Such is life this week and most others.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm off to Palm Springs today, so I'm sort of in a hurry to get things done. I am going to attend a project punch walk in Woodland Hills this morning. I double booked my schedule and I also have a job walk in Beverly Hills at the exact same time. Nice.

I also have a small proposal due to modify a fire corridor in a downtown highrise. All this before 2:00!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


It's Thursday. That means our weekly project manager meeting was first thing this morning. I think that it is important to realize that everything can be improved. Processes, relationships and products.

Larry from Richard Smith Custom Concrete came to chat with the project managers today. They are an excellent source for specialized concrete finishes. Many, many more options than I had previously thought.

My good friends at Wirt Design Group are helping me out with an unusual project in North Hollywood today. It's harder than you think to make 15-ton air conditioners disappear.

More bidding Q & A with the subcontractors on the Highland project. Fun items like Finnish birch plywood, lots of perforated metal cladding, Icestone and a ton of cedar. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Day 1

Well, we will see how this little experiment works out. Here is where the magic happens, the command module.

Lots of research for product specifications today - it always amazes me how easy it is to find things on the internet. Finalized (or updated) some bid lists for current projects, and worked on current bids. Managing the bid process is an art - too much information can make the price top-heavy while too little information can leave the proposal full of holes, sinking. There is a balance.

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